M-Zone offers the latest fax broadcasting technology to help marketers harness the latest innovations in technology to maximize ROI from bulk fax broadcasting campaigns. Whether you are just starting out in the business of faxing or whether you are a seasoned fax marketer, M-Zone offers fax broadcasting solutions that are equal parts cost effective, easy-to-use and technologically advanced.
Our platform incorporates fax broadcasting and the ability to send bulk faxes. Furthermore, our functionality includes the ability to fax multiple documents to multiple fax lists with just a few mouse clicks. Our protected high-volume redundant fiber network that is monitored live 24/7 ensure both reliability and security. Take advantage of sophisticated personalization and segmentation tools typically only available to email marketers. 

Fax Broadcasting Features

User-friendly interface
M-Zone fax service takes you through an intuitive step-by-step approach so you can set up and launch a campaign in just minutes. Secure web-based administration is accessible with only a user ID and password.

Personalization and control
Our personalization tools allow you to deploy merge fields across any data field in your database for the ultimate control in managing document personalization. Furthermore, lists can be segmented based upon data fields for campaign targeting.

Fax list management
Online storage of current opt-in fax lists that are searchable. Launch fax broadcasting campaigns from one or multiple lists.

Document management
Quick access and storage of documents. Send multiple fax documents as part of a single fax broadcasting campaign. Easily merge Word, PDF and RTF documents within fax lists. Size management gives you choice of letter or legal sizes for fax campaigns.

File management
Online storage and quick access to graphics including GIFs and JPGs with our fax broadcasting service.

DNS control
M-Zone fax broadcasting offers continuous Do Not Send (DNS) testing and maintenance; we include a do-not-send opt-out service in all campaigns.

Review and proofing
Built-in proof routing automates workflow and ensures consistency and professionalism of your message content.

Manage failed fax transmissions with automated follow-up attempts by BLI fax broadcasting.

User-Friendly Tools
Our step-by-step interface makes it easy to manage even the most complex campaigns.

Immediate, Detailed Reporting
M-Zone’s robust capabilities include tracking messages in minute detail and to measure campaign success and make necessary adjustments immediately.

Advanced Messaging Personalization
All M-Zone solutions are based on exceptional segmentation capabilities.

Content Storage
Manage documents, HTML emails, images, recordings, SMS text messages, and IVR through secure content libraries.

List Management
Have searchable, opted-in lists at your fingertips and launch campaigns from one or multiple lists; the possibilities are limitless.

Reliability & Security
Our high volume, redundant fiber network ensures maximum security and reliability.Type your paragraph here.

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